Painting The Mule Wagon

What a post title, right?Ah, country living…. I do love thee
Eddie, the other brother in the Steckler Brothers duo, possesses a severe love for all things historical…and farm related…and historically farm related…So it’s no real shocker that the fella owns a 180 year old mule wagon (because we all have one of those laying around).

Now over the course of the last oh century or soher paint was looking a little worse for wear.One hundred plus years will do that to a girl, ya know.And seeing it in such a state just made us sad.Not to mention we’d promised mule rides to all the kiddos in attendance at the 1st Annual Truckin For Mutts show (more on that later though).
Nothing a few hours, cans of spray paint, a gallon of oil based barn red paint, and some sweat cant fix though!

And let me tell you something….We learned first hand what “finishing in the nick of time” meant.20 seconds after pushing our newly painted mule wagon back into the barn, this rolled into town:

Sweet summer time

some of us remained unfazed in the presence of eminent doom…

I, however, did not.

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