Three Sisters Over 100 Years Of Age Share Their Reasons For A Long And Healthy Life!

Many of us want to know the secrets to a longer life. While we all try our best to take care of our health, it seems there’s more to living for a long time than just that. But one way to really try to understand the inside scoop on living a long time is by looking at those who have actually done it. And there is one group of sisters from Kansas, USA, who are particularly interesting in terms of living to an old age.

104-year-old Julia Kopriva, 102-year-old Lucy Pochop, and the baby, 100-year-old Frances Kompus are a truly remarkable set of siblings. But as the youngest of the three, Kompus believes their shared life longevity is no coincidence, as she followed in her sisters’ footsteps and took their advice. Now, the three sisters have shared their secrets with the world!


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