Do It Yourself Home Sprinkler System

About home sprinkler systems

There are several different “do it yourself” home sprinkler systems that are available and that you can install for your gardening or your lawn care needs. They will vary from the very complicated PVC pipe with all the digging to install below the frost line in places where the ground freezes, and the elbows at every turn since the pipe doesn’t bend.

Your have to go through the process of digging out the trenches to put all the pipes and fittings in, then attaching the sprinkler units at intervals along the pipe. Then comes the joy of filling in the trenches, leveling it all out and re-seeding the area. After two or three days you will have the system in and hopefully functioning when you turn it on. Now this system will need careful and proper routine maintenance to keep it working properly and effectively; if the water in it freezes you will have blown pipe and this means it will all have to be dug up and replaced, meaning more digging, and re seeding again.

Home sprinkler systems

Simpler home sprinkler systems

Simpler set ups that are basically maintenance free, almost dig free, and inexpensive are also available. The system consists of a flexible hose like invention that takes the place of the PVC piping and digging. It installs just below the sod line instead of three or four feet down and is supposed to be maintenance free. This system comes in several configurations for different areas like lawn, garden and flower beds. Having some type of system is good for water conservation because you can set it to turn on and off if you have a timer set up. With this system you can most likely dig the trench for it with a hoe since it only needs to be a few inches down so the sprinklers are even with the ground.

Hose and sprinkler

The easiest of all is the old-fashioned hose and sprinkler. You have to run out the hose and attach a sprinkler of your choice, or perhaps a soaker hose, which delivers a heavy mist instead of a sprinkler. Any of the above will get you to the same conclusion: watering the yard and the garden making it easier for you to care for your garden and plants. What you want to pay and the effort you want to put into it are up to you. I would recommend checking out a video on “how to” before you begin either of the first two though. The last method, though not an installation as such, does perform the same function it is just there is not the esthetic example the other two have. Some housing developments even have rules that require the use of hidden sprinklers so definitely look into the DIY if you live in one of them for a hidden system.

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