Hilarious Garden Signs That Will Make Your Friends And Neighbors Laugh

Garden signs have many purposes, especially on front lawns. They might warn people not to pick the flower or that there are seeds nearby. But some gardeners add a funny twist to these signs. While some signs might say that you tried and the plants died anyway, others claim that you don’t remember planting them at all. Check out these funny garden signs that will make your friends and neighbors laugh.

A Smart Way To Get Free Labor

Most gardeners hate picking weeds, but it is necessary for your garden. This person came up with a solution: offer the weeds for free to encourage free labor from their neighbors. If only people actually wanted weeds.

Janette W./Pinterest

The sign also points to several weeds in the garden, one of which is poison ivy. Perhaps this person should hang another sign warning people to put on gloves before picking. Otherwise, they’ll end up feeling very itchy.

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