Master Chef Shares +16 Top Kitchen Tips Of All Time

As the world of culinary continues to explore new trends and recipes, a master chef’s advice can be invaluable. From meal prepping and organising your workspace to learning little tricks, kitchen tips from an expert are always useful. Here we look at some of the best kitchen tips that have stood the test of time. From classic meal tips to helpful cook hacks, these top tips can help any home cooks or aspiring chefs enjoy their cooking experience in the kitchen.

Prevent Water To Boil

Frustrated with boiling water spilling over from the pot and making a mess? We have a quick fix – simply place a wooden spoon over the pot while it is boiling. This simple trick helps keep those spills in check! Prevent Water From Boiling OverIt can be a pain when the water boils over and spills all over the stove. It’s easy to prevent this from happening. Place a wooden spoon on top of the pot before adding any more liquid or heating up your burner.

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