Why People Are Placing A Red Cup Under Their Toilet Seat At Night (And Why You Should Too)

Every once in a while, an intriguing yet quirky home hack takes the internet by storm. A trend emerges from the most unexpected corners and suddenly becomes viral. Today’s topic, placing a red cup under your toilet seat at night, might sound bizarre at first, but as we unravel its ingenious reasons, you might find yourself joining the trend. Let’s dive into this puzzling new phenomenon, and you’ll discover why you should consider doing it too.

The Dawn of the Red Cup Revolution

The red cup under the toilet seat hack, or as it’s fondly called, “The Red Cup Revolution,” began surfacing on social media platforms and online forums a few months back. The trend was met with initial disbelief and humor until the community started sharing the impressive benefits that came along with it. Intrigued by its novelty and potential benefits, more and more households started adopting this odd yet effective practice.

What Does the Red Cup Do?

The red cup acts as a “catch-all” for several problems that you might not even realize your bathroom experiences, especially in the middle of the night. Here’s why people are becoming fans of the red cup revolution:

Detecting Leaks

A silent, slow leak in your toilet tank can waste an alarming amount of water – up to 300 gallons a day for a moderate leak! This not only hits your water bill hard but also is a significant waste of a vital resource. The red cup under the toilet seat can help detect these leaks. If you wake up in the morning to find water in the cup, there’s a high chance you’ve got a leak that needs fixing.

Pest Deterrence

Creepy crawlies like cockroaches and spiders often use the toilet as an entry point into your home, especially in the warmer months. The presence of the red cup acts as a physical deterrent to these pests. The bright color also disturbs nocturnal pests, making your bathroom a less attractive entry point.

Enhanced Nighttime Safety

For those who often visit the bathroom at night, the red cup serves as a beacon in the darkness, lessening the need for turning on harsh overhead lights and thus preserving night vision. The red color is gentle on the eyes and less likely to disturb your sleepy state, making it easier to return to sleep after your bathroom visit.

Tips for Starting Your Own Red Cup Revolution

Convinced about the benefits of the red cup hack? Here’s how you can start your own Red Cup Revolution:

  1. Choosing the Cup: Opt for a sturdy, reusable plastic cup for environmental reasons. The cup should be able to fit snugly under your toilet seat without causing any inconvenience.
  2. Positioning the Cup: Place the cup in a location where it won’t get knocked over. Usually, the best place is at the back of the toilet seat, nestled securely between the seat and the tank.
  3. Daily Checking: Make it a habit to check the cup every morning for any water or pests.
  4. Cleanliness is Key: Regularly clean the cup to maintain hygiene in your bathroom.

Embrace the Trend

Although odd at first glance, the red cup under the toilet seat is a home hack that’s quickly gaining traction for all the right reasons. It’s a simple, economical, and effective way to detect leaks, deter pests, and enhance nighttime safety. So why not give it a try? Embrace the Red Cup Revolution, and you might find this unconventional method making a significant impact in your home and daily life. Remember, the best solutions often come in the most surprising forms, and this red cup revolution is a perfect example of that!

Expanding the Red Cup Revolution

Having understood the benefits and the how-tos, let’s delve into some more advanced tips to expand and optimize your Red Cup Revolution.

Integrating Technology

With the advent of smart homes, why should the Red Cup Revolution lag? Here’s how you can make your red cup smarter:

Leak-Detecting Sensors

You can attach water leak-detecting sensors to the inside of the red cup. These sensors can send alerts to your smartphone the moment they detect moisture, allowing you to act quickly and save even more water.

Pest-Detecting Devices

There are ultrasonic pest repellers available on the market that emit high-frequency sounds, which are not audible to humans but are disturbing to pests. These can be placed inside the cup to add an extra layer of protection against pests.

Going Beyond the Bathroom

The red cup’s benefits can extend beyond the bathroom. Here’s how:

Kitchen Sink

Similar to toilets, the kitchen sink is another common entry point for pests. A red cup placed under the sink can deter these unwanted visitors.


Gardens often suffer from nighttime pests that can ruin your plants. Strategically placed red cups around your garden can deter these pests.

Starting a Community Movement

Once you have seen the benefits of the Red Cup Revolution, it’s worth sharing this ingenious hack with your local community. Here’s how you can spread the word:

  1. Social Media: Share your experience on your social media profiles. Include pictures and the impact it had on your life.
  2. Community Gatherings: Discuss it at local community gatherings or meetings. Show them the practical results you achieved.
  3. Schools: Reach out to local schools to include the red cup hack in their environmental education programs.

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