These Funny Clothing Tags Say A Lot More Than Tumble Dry On Low

Thanks, Mom!

Just so we’re clear, if clothing companies weren’t so insistent on putting those funky symbols on the top of the care instructions, we wouldn’t have to give the article of clothing to our mothers!

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Honestly, the only thing there that we can decipher is the little iron. And that is for post-cleaning. It looks like we can’t really argue with this logic, though. It’s probably safer to hand it over to someone who won’t ruin the sweater. Thanks, mom!

Check For Signs Of Human Life First

The issue here is that there had to be at least one case of a parent or guardian throwing clothing in the wash with a child still wearing it, for this label to happen. How this happens, we’re not quite sure.

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The kid must not have been very heavy if they were just thrown into the wash with the rest of the dirty clothing. So, laundry-doers, make sure you check to see if all forms of life are out of the clothing before washing.

This Person Needed Someone To Talk To

This clothing label makes us think that the designer was checking to see what he could get away with. Obviously, he got away with telling the buyer that he is experiencing dental pain. Huh, we wonder how that slipped through the cracks.

Nevertheless, we hope this person gets some dental care before they wind up looking like John Finlay in Tiger King. Sir or madam behind the clothing tag, there is no need to look like that man, trust us!

When The Clothing Speaks To You

It’s refreshing to see an inanimate object talking about itself if the first person. So, thank you, article of clothing, for letting us know exactly how to handle and treat you with your lovely care instructions.

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The thing is, while this piece of clothing is telling the buyer exactly what not to do, it gives zero indication on what to do! Are we supposed to use cold water or hot water? Are we supposed to use the dryer or hang dry? The world may never know.

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